CIGA quarterly reports

The last quarterly reports were rushed out after CIGA 'forgot' to publish them for 3 quarters despite being key Each Home Counts commitment (page 40 in the report). This was very shortly after I pointed this out.

Of course it's good to have reporting but the number are not terribly useful for consumers. It would be so much more useful to know for each concern the date it was installed to give us an idea of lag time vs recent installs, how many extractions were done and  products associated with worst failure rate etc.

A few comments:

Q1 2019 has a Basic maths error again. ((1626-1114)/1626)*100 is not 16% . This would have been signed off by CEO. That fact that the they have under calculated indicated incompetence rather than conspiracy.

From Q4 2018

"Historically water penetration influenced by weather conditions has resulted in claims being received. We continue to see a reduction in the level of claims received in this area due to improved weather conditions and more properties being subject to routine maintenance repairs to keep the home water tight."

This is complete conjecture. CIGA does not monitor guarantee holder's maintenance schedules! Any decrease has to be interpreted on back of dwindling number of installs.
Installs reached a peak in 2009. 

Again "It is no surprise to see a a reduction in the level of claims received due to CIGA's drive to improve quality at pre installation stage and at the stage of applying for a guarantee."

This would be substantiated if the number of e.g post 1 year install complaints were reported as you would expect complaints against recent installs to drop off dramatically if quality improvements alone were the driver.  Bear in mind that I was speaking to an installer who told us that they would walk away from half the houses they would have been happy to install in 2009 because they know they wouldn't pass the BBA photo test.  It's not a testament to improvement in quality but a testament to just how many unsuitable houses were injected in the past.


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