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Old example of CIGA putting commercial interest before consumers interests

I was reading an old dissertation from 2007 "Addressing the Geographical Restrictions Placed on Full Fill Cavity Wall Insulation in the UK Due to Driving Rain" by  Peter Stanley Batchelor. Which was supported by Rockwool. Link to PDF here

It quite clearly documents CIGA's irresponsible attempts to increase the addressable market for its installers of which the directors of the biggest companies were also CIGA directors.
For CIGA to use 'complaint' figures as justification to roll out installation to houses in high Driving Rain alone is bad enough but as per usual they didn't seem to understand their own figures.

CIGA never released their raw data and relied on the following map to make their point.
However as Peter points out. The biggest # signs are concentrated around areas that are already known to be in zones associated with wind driven rain.

CIGA is a an organisation with commercial interests. This is something that everyone one knows apart from politici…

How to run a scam guarantee agency?

This is theoretical of course. But If I was to set up a retrofit insulation guarantee agency which served the needs of the industry over those of the consumers then here is what I would do:

 Set a budget for the year regarding how much money can be spent on settling claims - clearly we have to be seen to offer some compensation. Add retrospective clauses to old contracts and claim that 'independent arbitration' has proved that these are valid *Respond and shut down claims as soon as possible so that response time obligations can be met and presented to any government organisation that might scrutinise us.Send unqualified inspectors around to look for evidence of condensation or maintenance on the house and blame all the problems on the owner. Inspectors must not look for any evidence of poor installation and if they do find any must not mention them in the report.When claimant complains about poor/incomplete inspection. Rather than address technical questions, declare an impass…